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Caspian Keyes is a main character in the AMC+ animated drama, Pantheon. He is portrayed by Paul Dano.

Caspian is a brilliant computer science teen who comes to Maddie's aid as they search for the truth.


As brilliant as he is troubled, Caspian learns his entire life has been a lie. His parents are not his parents. His every movement has been tracked since birth; Caspian has been living behind a veil. The plan was to have that veil lifted when he was 33 years old... except Caspian accidentally pierces the veil on his 18th birthday, leading to him reject his predetermined destiny and set out find his own unique identity. On the run, Caspian is pursued by Logorhythms, as he is a high-value asset that they believe they own, seeking not to eliminate him, but to steer him back on course.


Early Life[]

Caspian was cloned from the genome of Stephen Holstrom at a secret facility in Svalbard. He was made in order to find a cure for the flaw that caused an Uploaded Intelligence to decay the faster they process, a flaw his template failed to cure before his death. He was raised by Cary and Renee, who acted in the same manner of Holstrom's parents in order to push him on the same path Holstrom walked.

Caspian would excel in school, particularly math, but would often get bullied by his peers. He would take up piano lessons and jazz band, unknown to him as a way of molding him to think like Holstrom. Eventually, he decides to drop jazz band and piano lessons.

Cary would often take Caspian camping at Angeles Crest, which he hated.

Caspian would take up hacking and one day come across equation on the dark web and, after solving it, he began chatting with someone under the screen name AngryAngel.

Meeting Hannah and Stumbling across UIs[]

As Caspian is sitting in math class looking out the window when a girl catches his eye. The teacher calls on him and Caspian answers the question correctly. As he opens his locker, he sees the girl being guided around by Nicole, a student who hates him, and he goes over the them. Caspian introduces himself and the girl introduces herself as Hannah. Caspian skateboards home and is greeted by his mother. He goes to his room and skims through dark web chat room and finds an entry from Valkyrie1248, someone stating Logorhythms faked her father’s death and is holding him hostage. He asks her for proof and she sends it to him. He then sends the logs to AngryAngel, unaware his online activity is being watched by Logorhythms and they look into the past chats with AngryAngel. Later that night, as he looks through dark web posts, Renee enters and tells him dinner is ready and that his father is home. Father and son greet each other coldly as Renee serves tofu and bok choy. Cary is annoyed with dinner and Renee says Caspian's teacher says he is ready for college level classes. Cary gives Caspian a problem to solve that an entry level coder could do. Caspian says it is a concurrent problem and Cary reveals he is right. Caspian does not get it until Cary says it is a hierarchy problem. Caspian explains that if someone used the method Cary is describing, they would be fired for causing the system to crash. Cary tries to find a weak point in Caspian's answer but Caspian rebuffs him. Renee takes some of the dishes to the sink and Cary throws the rest on the floor demanding meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Renee cries as Caspian walks off. Unaware that the fight was staged, he goes to his room and listens to music to drown out the supposed fight.

The following day, he gets a notification that he has a message on the dark web as he is paired up with Hannah for a project. Caspian promises to catch Hannah up on the play and invites her to his house the following day. At home, he enters a chat with Valkyrie1248 who reveals someone offered to help free her father and Caspian reveals he sent the logs to a contact of his and mentions the d-dos attack on Logorhythms. They both deny involvement and, as Valkyrie1248 asks about Uploaded Intelligence , she gets a message from AngryAngel telling her to stop talking to him as he is being watched. After school the following day, he arrives home with Hannah and his parents stage a fight. After Renee points out Hannah, Cary expresses doubts that Caspian and her could be a couple. Renee puts her hand on Cary's shoulder and he pushes her to the floor. Hannah runs off and Caspian goes after her.

The following day at school, Hannah goes over to him and tries to offer her help, but he rejects it. At home, Caspian watching a video of Stephen Holstrom talking about Uploaded Intelligence as he thinks about an interaction he had with Hannah at school. He browses through a dark web chat room that mentions that Logorhythms was attacked a second time in a week and Caspian types in that he believes the company is uploading human minds. Just then Renee walks in and apologizes for when Hannah visited. Caspian says he is looking into uploaded intelligence and Renee hides her shock as Caspian explains the process to her and shows her a video. She leaves as Caspian theorizes where they would do it. He writes a hack to look for cashed images related to Logorhythms and finds their construction site on Svalbard. However, before he can take a screenshot, the images are switched before his eyes, much to his confusion.

The following night, Caspian hears his parents fighting and, upon hearing the dialogue of his mother’s screams, goes to their room. He sees his mother nursing a broken arm and, seeing what is before him, pins his father against the wall and punches him as his mother pleads with him to stop. He stops and Cary walks out on them, swearing never to support them. As Cary drives off, Renee acts scared and confused as Caspian promises to look out for the both of them. After his mother is treated for her injuries, Caspian goes to the track to talk to Hannah. She ignores him as Caspian apologizes for his behavior and states his love for her. Hannah returns his feelings and they kiss. He carries her bag as she notices his bloody knuckles.

Peaking through the Veil[]

A few days later, he and Renee are at a sporting goods store buying a gun for protection from Cary when Renee reveals she will have to sell the house without Cary's income. However, Caspian reveals he has been helping companies find bugs in their systems for money and promises to take care of the two as they are shown handguns.

After something happens to her father, Valkyrie1248 contacts Caspian asking for help and gives him a phone number. Caspian chastises her for ghosting him and she promises to explain everything if they talk. Caspian heads to his local comic shop and, after buying an issue of his favorite comic, is given the owner’s phone. Caspian calls the number and chastises Valkyrie1248 before she says she was warned to stay away by Laurie but Laurie attacked her father. Caspian asks for her name and threatens to hang up if she does not. Valkyrie1248 gives him her name, Maddie Kim, and says she lives in Sacramento and Caspian gives her his real name. Caspian says he found a proposition logical problem on the dark web, he solved it and they started talking. Caspian says he gave Laurie her chat logs because it reminded him of how he and Laurie communicated and asks why she told Maddie not to talk to him. Maddie confirms Caspian does not know the Lowells and Maddie reveals Logorhythms is watching him and he mentions Norway and Uploaded Intelligence. Maddie says goodbye as Caspian mentions he thinks Logorhythms changed images on him and Maddie mentions Laurie said he was being watched two weeks ago and hangs up, shocking him.

Later that day, Caspian is running a scan on his computer as Hannah looks at his comics. He tells Hannah about favorite comic, Parasite, as his computer scan comes up clean. Caspian tells her he thinks his life is fake and she suggests it might have something to do with his father, to which Caspian says he has not felt that feeling since his father left, but something came up earlier that reignited that feeling. Hannah asks why, but he does not elaborate and they kiss.

After school the next day, he returns home to find a note saying his mother is at the doctor and he goes to his room and reads parasite. After reading a panel and remembering what Maddie told him, Caspian takes apart his computer case to find a Logorhythms chip. He calls his mother, but then a thought occurs. He takes apart his phone and finds a second chip, much to his shock. Caspian goes to the doctor and the nurse says she left. Caspian drives around and finds her car. When he investigates, he finds his mother talking to Hannah. He hides behind a post as Hannah says he told her his life did not feel real to him. She berates Hannah for nearly destroying the job and orders her to speak with Caspian again. Renee, unaware he was listening in and is now in a state of shock.

Learning the Truth[]

Later that day he finds Hannah at a coffee shop with her friends and enters to speak with her. He tells her he has a surprise for her and they get in his car. Once they are on the road, Caspian asks who she really is and who her job is. Hannah is surprised as he reveals he saw her talking with his mother. When she refuses to tell truth, he locks her in his car and drives wildly through traffic. Panicking, she reveals that she was an actress named Rachel Brooks who was hired by a shell company named Candle Street to act as his girlfriend for a supposed social experiment and was paid one million dollars in upfront and five million more over the next few years. He gets off the freeway and Rachel reveals she took the job because her mother needs cancer treatment and cannot afford it otherwise and that if she reveals anything to him they take the money back. He promises to keep her confession secret if she helps him out.

At home, he and Renee finish dinner and talk. Renee lies that the patient before her took longer than expected for therapy and she is healing nicely and she asks if he is still looking into UIs, but says he is not. Renee's phone rings and she says she has to get muffins for a PTA meeting and insists she can drive herself. In the supermarket parking lot, Renee calls Rachel and she says Caspian’s suspicions were a misunderstanding as he listens in. The next day, when he is at school, he gets a notification that a spy camera caught something and he runs to the bathroom to check it out. He finds his mother speaking to someone on the phone about his father and is shocked when she says she broke her own arm when Cary hesitated. She tells them to find his father before hanging up and he reflects on what he heard. When he arrives home, his mother reveals she has planned a surprise trip to Santa Barbara and could be there by night if they leave right then and there. He says he has plans with “Hannah”, and Renee suggests they could get a second room and she can join them in a day. He agrees to the trip and decides to reschedule with “Hannah”. Mother and son hug, each having their own anterior motives for the trip.

On the road, he and Renee talk about camping his father took him on and his mother insists they could make up for lost time. He turns up the air conditioning and his mother says she packed his sweatshirt and she reveals she went through his luggage when she had trouble lifting it. He is annoyed that she did this and apologizes and insists he needs his mini muffins. They stop for gas and he find the gun as he is getting money for snacks. His mother has his fill up the tank and leaves to get snacks. She leaves the keys in the ignition and he hops into the driver's seat and drives off.

When he arrives at his house, he finds his father inside. Cary says he wants to apologize as Caspian demands answers. Cary reveals that his entire life is a lie. Cary reveals he worked for Holstrom and reveals Holstrom figured out how to upload minds but could not fix the flaw before dying of cancer. Cary says he and Renee are part of a digital immortality cult and that Holstrom's mind was irreplaceable. Cary reveals that Holstrom had a backup plan in case he died before curing the flaw. He believes he was meant to be Holstrom's successor until Cary revealed Caspian is a clone of Holstrom being raised with the same experiences as Holstrom to get him to think like his template in order to crack integrity. Cary says it was an honor raising him as Caspian exits the house in shock. Cary calls after him as Renee arrives, upon seeing her Cary reveals he told Caspian the truth. Renee tries to salvage the experiment, but Caspian ignores her. As he and Cary enter the car, she pleads for them to stop and shoots Cary in the side. Caspian helps Cary into the car and gets in the drivers seat before driving off. In a state of shock Renee drops the gun and shouts “Stephen”, as they leave.

Meeting Maddie and the UIs[]

As Caspian is driving through a rural desert town with Cary diving in and out of consciousness, he comes across a hospital, but Cary rejects it as Logorhythms with find them if he is admitted. Cary insists they have to remain hidden as he says he has a possible contact. Cary reveals his true last name to Caspian and that he was forced to act like a jerk to push Caspian on the right path. However, Cary say what it was doing to Caspian and had second thoughts. Caspian asks more questions but Cary passes out before he can say more. As he calls the number Maddie gave him, Justine- the person who really has the number, ignores him. Eventually, Justine picks up and patches him through to Maddie and stays on the line. He tells Maddie he is coming to her and she puts him on speaker. He says his “father” was shot and they cannot go to a hospital as Logorhythms will find them. Ellen Kim, Maddie’s mother, tells him to meet them in the parking lot of the Sacramento Raceway at one the following afternoon and hangs up.

He reaches Sacramento Raceways and meets up with Cody and the Kims. They get out of their cars and Maddie notices blood on Caspian’s shirt . Upon seeing Cary, Ellen insists they need to take him to a hospital, but everyone questions how not to lead Logorhythms back to them by doing so. Cody insists he can use a fake name to check in Cary and tells him to head back with the Kims. He is reluctant until Maddie reveals they know the threat Logorhythms is and know what Caspian is. He then agrees to leave Cary with Cody and goes with the Kims. As Ellen drives, he and Maddie sit in the back seats. When asks who shot his father”, he says Cary is not his father and his shooter was not his wife. He says he does not know where his mother is asks if her husband has reached a hospital. Maddie clarifies how everyone is connected and explains that Laurie and her father are the first and second people to be uploaded respectively. Caspian asks how they know about him and, upon return to her house, Maddie takes him to her room and shows him his files from Logorhythms. Maddie asks if he could talk with her father, but he insists he cannot help and he is going through something and she storms out of her room. He looks through the files and finds a recording of Holstrom talking to Van Leuwen.

As Caspian watches the recordings, he learns Holstrom's father broke his mother’s arm and that he cared for his mother, but not her opinions. When Holstrom mentions his original name was Phineas and that he hated it, he thinks of the reactions others had when telling them his name. He then finds a recording interview with Rachel being told she would get an additional seventy-thousand whenever she consented to have sex with him. Rachel is against it, but they tell she has to and offer to increase the payout as he thinks of his most intimate moments with his fake girlfriend and finds a video of Holstrom thinking of what to name the clone. He then finds a video of his birth and finds himself being held by Holstrom as Pope, Renee, and Cary look at him. He panics and runs to the background, leaning against a tree as he hyperventilates. Not long after, Maddie sits next to him. Caspian asks if she believes in the simulation theory and Maddie expresses how the world felt fake after her father died and how her life before that felt fake soon after. He reveals he always had a feeling it was fake and that he now has no idea what he is. Maddie says her father is digital and laughs when he says his real mother was a robot, he joins in soon after.

Maddie takes him to the basement and gives him a virtual reality headset and he enters the server. He is greeted by David and Laurie. When he questions if they are real virtual beings. Laurie shows him the problem he solved. He sees Laurie glitch and Maddie enters says he has no idea if it is a code problem or not. He gets to work and realizes the uploads have too much and suggests they rotate memory as Chonda arrives. Chonda states Laurie contacted his mother, but Laurie. David realizes Chonda has a key as Cody enters and tells Laurie not to engage. Chonda overclocks himself and the uploads and he, Cody, and Maddie find themselves alone in the cabin when Chonda returns and demands Caspian tell him how long it will take to fix the flaw. He does not answer and says David and Laurie showed him his files. Chonda tries to leave to warn others but is stopped from leaving When asked what he means by others, revealing he sent blueprints to upload people to the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, Iran, and China. He selected these governments because he knew they would upload their best operatives and keep it secret. Chonda intends to change the UI's minds where they could see that they are more than human upon meeting him. David chastises Chonda for this as an unknown amount of people could die because of this along with the UIs. He takes off his gear and leaves the house with Maddie following, trying to get him to stay. He expresses his frustration as Maddie tries to say he is there for a reason. Caspian ignores her and drives off, giving it a month before everything falls apart.

Running from Himself[]

A couple of weeks after leaving Sacramento, he is riding the rails and jumps off a train when it reaches Kansas City. He walks around until he finds a convent. He hears one of the monks, Brother Kenneth, talking to some homeless teenagers and asks to join. As Caspian is teaching a math class at the convent, he suddenly thinks of an equation. He becomes lost in thought as he solves the problem. He catches one of the students recording him and deletes the video. Caspian exits the room as Brother Kenneth watches. Brother Kenneth joins Caspian for lunch and checks in. He tries to get Caspian to open up and tells Caspian he was in a metal band. He tells Caspian that most of the Christians at the covent believe their destiny is predetermined, but that they also have free will and can possibly alter their fate if they choose so.

As he is serving lunch to the homeless who a man addresses him by name and asks Caspian to join him. Caspian does so and the man introduces himself as Julius Pope and Caspian deduces the NSA helped track him down. He tells Caspian Cary is alright and that he has no idea what the teenager is going through despite the psych models. Pope tells him he and Holstrom were friends and Caspian agrees to go with him if he is given full control of Logorhythms and will shut down the UI program and expresses his desire to break it apart. He is surprised how calm Pope is at the mention of dismantling the company and Pope tells Caspian how he was critical of Holstrom's choices in the beginning but by the time Holstrom thought of uploading minds, he would always agree with him. Caspian doubts Pope until Pope says he is scared as Caspian is the only person who could see the world as Holstrom had, and Caspian agrees to go with him. He asks Pope for money in an attempt to call his bluff and gets thirty million in bitcoin, which he gifts to Maddie.

Accepting his Purpose[]

A week after arriving in Kansas City, he calls Maddie and apologizes for leaving and reveals he sent her thirty million dollars in bitcoin. He reveals he is going to Norway with Pope and plans to shut down the UI program and to release Logorhythms files on him if she does not hear back from him in a week. Maddie berates him for giving up on finding a cure for the flaw while Caspian insists it is the only thing keeping them safe. When asked why Caspian is trusting her with the money, he says it is because Maddie is the only person he trusts at the moment. Maddie quotes Stephen Holstrom and compares Caspian to him before hanging up.

In Svalbard, Caspian is taken to the black site by Pope and when Anssi describes the power and storage of the facility. Caspian predicts it will take half a month to wipe the servers and walks off, leaving Anssi stunned. Pope takes Caspian to his template's office and shows him Holstrom's notes on cracking integrity. Caspian looks at the notes, but asks to see the lab he was born in. Caspian is brought to the lab and is told he is the only clone of Hostrom. They are greeted by Van Leuwen and Deirdre Ryan Caspian backs away from Ryan when she tries to shake his hand and, upon seeing Renee, he picks up a try to defend himself, only backing down when Cary appears. As Pope tries to deescalate the situation, Caspian berates everyone there for trying to groom him to accomplish their own goals. Pope reveals they want to perfect upload so that humanity can have the resources it needs to flourish as it is overpopulated. Caspian fires his fake parents and announce his plans to break up the company. Ryan protests, but Pope gives in.

As Pope is telling Admiral Kurts to arrest Waxman- who confirmed the existence of UIs to the public-through a phone call, Caspian mocks Pope by saying the public hates his goals and expresses his belief all the UIs will be deleted. However, Pope reveals they will be saved as they have all been backed up. Pope states the protests are only because Lowell mentioned Hiroshima. As Pope mentions that the governments who have UIs will protect them and those without will get them, he reveals Holstrom wanted one UI to be flawless to rule over the others. Pope tells Caspian to select a potential UI to fill this role and, selecting David Kim, Caspian call Maddie. He tells Maddie to put him through to her father and says he can fix the flaw, but Maddie reveals her father is dead just as the power and phones go out. Pope reveals the internet is going down across the globe and Caspian tells him David is gone. Pope reveals they kept a backup and, returning to Holstrom's office, Caspian gets to work cracking integrity.


Caspian is a teenager with a tall and skinny build. He has brown hair and eyes along with a light complexion. Caspian typically wears dark clothing, usually black and various shades of gray.


Caspian is an intelligent introvert. He can solve complex problems almost instantaneously, but can sometimes get stuck and will understand it if someone points it out to him. He is resourceful, as he easily found Logorhythms black site in Svalbard by writing a code for cross referencing the company with donations.

After learning he is a clone, Caspian began to question his identity. He would become reckless and endanger his own life, feeling it is not important, but cared for the well-being of those he trusts.

Caspian is willing to sacrifice himself if the situation calls for it, as he chose to upload after failing to find a UI that he feels could stop Holstrom.


Maddie Kim[]

Caspian and Maddie Kiss

Caspian and Maddie sharing a passionate kiss after pronouncing their love.

Caspian first came into contact with Maddie during his time being manipulated and observed by Logorhythms, when she contacted him over the phone seeking answers to the company’s secrets. During this time, Maddie revealed to Caspian that Logorhythms was monitoring him, which ultimately led to him uncovering the truth about his life and identity.

Shortly following this, the two would meet face to face, though their relationship started out tense do the Caspian’s trauma over learning about his true origins, leading to him being cold towards her despite her initial attempts to show kindness towards him. Eventually, however, the two manage to bond over their respectively damaged lives, leading to him aiding her in the quest to find a cure for the UI flaw. Their friendship briefly ended, however, after Caspian left her house as he struggled with his identity, leaving her to find a solution on her own, which left her bitter towards him for seemingly abandoning her father to die.

Despite this, Caspian, in truth, was extremely grateful to Maddie for helping him uncover his true nature and for seeing the good in him, as she didn’t judge him for being a clone as most would, while also urging him to be his own person. Because of this, Caspian deemed Maddie as his only true friend and the only person he trusted. As a result, he came to deeply care about her wellbeing and sought to protect her Logorhythms machinations, despite being hurt by her cold attitude towards him.

After going their separate ways, Caspian and Maddie would later reunite years later following her abduction by Logorhythms, during which his bond with her continued to grow, with her teachings about the meaning to life leading him to develop the cure for the UI flaw before the two went on the run together to escape the Logorhythms compound in Norway.

During their time together, Caspian would eventually develop feelings for Maddie, seeing her as the only positive thing in his life, and the source for his development as a person rather than a clone. In turn, as time together continued, Maddie came to reciprocate Caspian’s feelings, having been enamored by his resolve to do good and complete trust in her, with the two soon falling in love.

Cary Duvall[]

For most of his life, Caspian thought Cary was an abusive figure who cared very little about his family. Upon seeing what he presumed was Cary breaking Renee's arm with a hammer, Caspian beat up his supposed father before he walks out on him and Renee. However, upon Cary returning and revealing to Caspian that he is a clone, Caspian becomes shocked, especially after witnessing Renee shoot Cary. He puts Cary in the passenger seat and drives off, only leaving his side when Cody Lowell offers to take Cary to the hospital. Upon seeing Cary and Renee in Svalbard, Caspian fires both of them.

Months later, Cary stays in Norway to warm Caspian to watch out for Julius Pope. After the FBI raids the black site, Cary helps Caspian and Maddie escape, telling Caspian he is better than Holstrom. Before leaving, Caspian tells Cary to take care.


For most of his life, Caspian saw Renee as a timid woman and would try to protect her from Cary's supposed abuse. However, after learning he is a clone, Caspian sees how unstable Renee truly is. Upon seeing her in Svalbard, Caspian picks up a try to defend himself, believing she will attack him. Having been given full control of the company, Caspian fires both her and Cary.

Months later, Caspian is surprised to find that she brought Maddie to Norway and has her removed. After being woken up twenty years later by MIST, she tells Caspian of her death, something he barley reacted to.

Rachel Brooks[]

Caspian first met Rachel as she masqueraded as “Hannah”. The two grew close before eventually dating. However their relationship was ended after Caspian discovered she was hired to be his girlfriend. Upon learning this, he locked her in his car and dodged traffic on the highway to get her to talk. After getting the information he needed, Caspian held no ill will towards Rachel and promised she would get her money if she helped him.

David Kim[]

Upon meeting David, Caspian was surprised to meet a UI, but after getting to know David for a few hours, Caspian has grown to trust him. After Pope convinced him to work on fixing the flaw, David was the only one Caspian trusted to become the leader of the UIs.


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