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David Kim is a main character in the AMC+ animated drama, Pantheon. He is portrayed by Daniel Dae Kim.

David is Maddie's father, who after dying from a severe illness, his consciousness was uploaded by Logorhythms.


In his human life, David was a gentle soul and a devoted husband and father. His involuntary ascension into a UI state was confusing for him at first, as full upload was neither possible nor attempted, but love for his family was encoded in the same memory patterns that Logorhythms extracted to harness his programming genius. And so, David searched for them, eventually finding Maddie. Initially, he is only able to speak with her via emoji until his language processing parts are eventually restored.

David’s family become his anchor to his sense of self and his sense of responsibility toward making peace with humanity, leading him to battle the more aggressive UI's in an effort to keep them from destroying the world.


Early Life[]

At one point in life, David met Peter Waxman in college. He also met a woman named Ellen, who he married and had a daughter, Maddie, with. He eventually agreed to work for Logorhythms after learning they were researching uploaded intelligence. However when Maddie was almost in her teens, David was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given four weeks to live. After Waxman told him they needed to upload a living brain for the project to work, David volunteered. Despite his wife’s protests, he still wanted to do it. While the procedure was successful, his family was told it failed and he was used by Logorhythms as a source of free labor.

While he initially had his memories erased at the end of the day, his productivity was slowing. To combat this, Waxman has a family photograph placed in his office and it caused him to remember his life and seek out his family.

Contacting Family and Liberation[]

Two years after uploading, David finds out his daughter is being bullied and manages to contact her in emojis. He hacks into her bully’s phones and turning them against each other. At the end of the day, serval of the girls were at an emotional breaking point. Back home, Maddie is overjoyed at his actions and is confused when he said he knows her mother. When Ellen inadvertently hears this, she thinks he is trying to extort Maddie until he recites a line from her favorite poem.

A few days later, another UI, Laurie Lowell, learns about his existence through a contact of hers. She has her husband Cody meet up with Maddie to execute a plan to save David. After his family goes to Palo Alto to get him deleted, Logorhythms refuses and Maddie has Laurie take down all of Logorhythms servers, threatening to keep them down if her father is not returned. Julius Pope, the CEO, agrees and the Kims walk out with David’s neural grid. At ho, Maddie plugs the neural grid into her computer to house in in a secure server the Lowells set up. Once they finish the download, he calls his daughter, much to Maddie's joy and Ellen's horror. David tells Maddie to open Reign of Winter and his avatar appears. David asks if Maddie is ready to finish the adventure and father and daughter play their favorite game together for the first time in two years.

New Freedom[]

As he and Maddie play Reign of Winter, she calls for her father when she is struggling with a chimera. arrives and helps his daughter finish off the chimera. David says he was looking for Laurie, but cannot find her. They set out and David expresses his disbelief that Laurie helped him escape Logorhythms but has not contacted him since. David comments that Ellen has not talked to him since he was freed as Maddie explains that she has had to work more since he died and that Ellen hates virtual reality. Just then, they are attacked by another party, but David breaks the game and kicks their attackers out. Logorhythms notices the spike and records it for when the tracking program is ready. Maddie berates her father for his actions and expresses her fears that the moderators could ban him and he could be hunted down by the NSA. She tells her father to act like he does not exist, to which he says his wife already thinks so. Maddie exits the game and agrees to talk to her mother for him. He calls Ellen at work, but she quickly hangs up.

That night, Maddie is preparing dinner and put her father on a laptop in a chair. She calls down her mother as David expresses doubt and reveals he called Ellen at work. When Ellen walks in, she is surprised to see the set up and David apologizes. Ellen walks over to the laptop and closes it. Maddie berates her mother for treating her father like this but Ellen insists that the person on the screen is not her husband. Ellen insists the two talk, but Maddie insists they talk as a family and David begs Ellen to listen. Ellen leaves and Maddie apologizes to her father. David is silent for a bit and asks who Gabe is.

At Gabe's house, as Gabe and Ellen are about to kiss, the lights flicker and David hacks into Gabe's devices. Ellen chastises David, but says nothing to Gabe about it. Gabe insists she try, but she stays silent and Gabe kicks her out, ending their relationship. When Ellen arrives home, she logs into Reign of Winter and speaks with David. She says that she has no idea what to think of David and cannot be with him. Ellen states she mourned him for two years and says she cannot be with him as they once were. David agrees that he cannot describe what he is and states she hurt him by saying he is not human and his love for his family kept him going. The two break up on good terms and laugh at the circumstances of the breakup as Maddie cries in the hallway. Ellen and David laugh at his interference with her date as as remembers she ended two relationships that night and the two sing Pearl Jam's “I'm Still Alive” as Maddie walks in. Ellen tells her how her father supposedly won her over from Eddie Vedder, which Maddie does not believe.

Meeting the Lowells[]

A few days later, when Maddie logs onto Reign of Winter, she finds David at the edge of the playable world and tells him they should move. Maddie asks David where his server is and he answers Oregon. Maddie asks what her father looks like outside of the game and he gives her a link. Maddie arrives in a replica of David’s office in a floating chibi form and sees her father as a two dimensional figure. David explain life before Maddie freed him when Laurie Lowell arrives. Laurie accuses David of doing something to her as Laurie attacks David and kicks out Maddie. Laurie insists David designed her mind to disintegrate as David insists he did not give her a flaw but offers to fix her. He goes to his computer but Laurie insists it would take too long and that there is another way.

Laurie tries to help David escape, but he is unable to. She begs him to think like a code and not a programmer and tells him to get creative. David is unable to and she attacks him. David thinks of Maddie and fights her off. Laurie asks him how he fought her off and David picks up a picture of his family. Laurie says he feels love and he starts to see her in three dimensions. David finally breaks free, but Logorhythms finds him. Later, he and Laurie merge their “cages” send Maddie and Cody a message telling them to meet. After the two pull on gear and meet with the uploads, he and Laurie tell them about the flaw.

Looking for a Cure[]

A few days later, everyone is thinking how to cure the flaw when David starts to glitch and Laurie realizes Logorhythms found his servers and she backs up as much of David as she can before they go off line. They manage to reboot him with David only forgetting the last twenty-four hours. When discussing a new server, Maddie insists it be at her house. Cody tries to talk Maddie and Ellen out of it, but they do not sway. Over the next few, days, servers, cooling systems, and a decile generator arrive at the house and they set it up, drawing attention from the neighbors. Once everything is set up, they log into the server and discuss how Logorhythms found them. They deduce that they are using a tracking system to find them and Ellen and Cody express concern that it is too dangerous to attack again. As they think off where Logorhythms would keep the data on uploads, Maddie mentions the black site in Norway, confusing the adults. She mentions Caspian to Laurie , but she does not recognize the name. Upon Maddie's urging, they find a black site in Svalbard.

David finds Pope in Norway and they hack his phone. After a few seconds, they drain Pope's phone and Pope has his phone returned to his office to recharge. Once it is charging, they find it in close to a laptop and David uses the phone's vibration function to walk it to the computer. David uses ultrasonic tones in the air to type on the keyboard and gets Laurie access. They then sort through the files for anything on the flaw. In their search, they discover a third UI, Vinod Chanda. Laurie and David learn the flaw is naturally occurring and no cure currently exists. They also find find files on Caspian Keyes and share them with Maddie. They express their belief that Caspian might be the only person who could cure the flaw. Maddie is surprised to learn that Holstrom was cloned and her father insists Caspian is the last hope to be cured.

Meeting Caspian and Chonda[]

As the Kims and the Lowells are searching for Caspia, they learn that he skipped school and his fake girlfriend's socia media has been seemingly abandoned. he feels that by contacting Caspian, they could alter the boy’s destiny and stop him from cracking integrity. As Laurie searches the files, she starts to glitch and Cody fears the flaw will take its toll on her soon. Maddie insists she could call him as Ellen believes she finds it strange how Maddie possibly found the one person who could fix the flow. David states that he was the only one who solved Laurie’s equation and Maddie mentions he saw similarities between how David and Laurie communicated through emojis. He believes it is no coincidence. Maddie and Laurie state they should seek out Chonda, but Cody and Ellen are against it. As he and Laurie tell the others about their alternative for the cure involving merging code to create a new entity and form a new mind, Justine calls Maddie to tell her Caspian has been calling. She patches Maddie in and listens in. Caspian tells Maddie he is coming to Sacramento and she puts him on speaker. Caspian says his “father” was shot and they cannot go to a hospital as Logorhythms will find them. Ellen tells Caspian to meet them in the parking lot of the Sacramento Raceway at one the following afternoon and hangs up.

After Cody agrees to take Cary to the hospital under an alias, his wife and daughter take Caspian home as he listens in to the conversation and hears Caspian's uncertainty if he can help David. After Maddie runs out of her room, Ellen calls him and he contacts Maddie, telling his daughter that Caspian will help them in due time as he is currently going through an identity crisis.

When Caspian calms down, he meets with David and Laurie and agrees to help crack integrity. In the server, Caspian realizes the uploads have to much and suggests they rotate memory as Chonda arrives. Chonda states Laurie contacted his mother, but Laurie. David realizes Chonda has a key as Cody enters and tells Laurie not to engage. Chonda overclocks himself and the uploads and believes he is in the Pentagon. David reveals he is not as Chonda expresses surprise that they were not upload recently. Chonda begs for them to listen logs his full self onto the server. He takes David and Laurie to his home and shows them his upload and he and Laurie are shocked Chonda was awake. When he mentions the Pradads murders, Chonda states he always had trouble controlling his anger, and that it remained after his upload. Laurie realizes that the entities are uploads experiencing the final stages of the flaw and they assume Chonda uploaded him until Chonda says Prasad uploaded them and is shocked upon learning of the flaw. After showing Chonda Caspian's files, Chonda demands Caspian tell him how long it will take to fix the flaw. Caspian does not answer and says David and Laurie showed him his files. Chonda tries to leave to warn others but is stopped from leaving When asked what he means by others, Chonda reveals he sent blueprints to upload people to the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, Iran, and China. He selected these governments because he knew they would upload their best operatives and keep it secret. Chonda intends to change the UI's minds where they could see that they are more than human upon meeting him. He chastises Chonda for this as an unknown amount of people could die because of this along with the UIs.

Finding Other UIs[]

Two weeks after Chonda reveals UI technology to the top cyber governments, Laurie plans to reveal the truth to the general public. As Laurie records a message, Chanda chastises her for attempting to endanger their existence and David tries to ease the tension. As Laurie mentions the actions the other UIs that affected the physical world, Chonda claims that they are like them and must warn them about the flaw. Laurie states they were ignored when warning them about the flaw and Chonda insists their governments ignored them. They struggle to think of what to do next as David volunteers to try something and Laurie gives him twenty-four hours. She leaves and takes her cabin as Chonda and David discuss the tracking problem that lets Chonda know who the UIs are but cannot locate them. Chonda says Laurie is emotional due the the flaw and leaves when David mentions the Prasad's murder. David tells his family about the events and and Laurie’s plan as Maddie states she agrees with Chonda despite not trusting him. Ellen asks if David has a plan and he has them enlist the help of Waxman.

After Ellen convinces Waxman to help, he brings over a program to track the UIs and the Kims invite him in to speak with David, but David declines. Laurie returns and Chonda arrives, David reveals he invited them both to give him a speed advantage. Chonda rebuilds the program and they realize the Chinese UIs are attacking Logorhythms. Maddie and Ellen tell Waxman about the attack and he agrees not to tell his company.

David, Laurie, and Chonda reach the Chinese UIs- Han Ping,  Zhong Shuchun, and Bai Fu- and are confronted by them. The three confront the Chinese UIs and try to talk with them but they attack. In the Kim's basement, Maddie notices something is wrong as the server is overheating Waxman gets a call about the spike, but brushes it off as a .load balancer and tells them to ignore it as the system is holding. David, Laurie and Chonda try to warn the Chinese UIs about the flaw, but they ignore them. David and his allies restrain the three and show them the evidence and only Ping believes them. Laurie glitches and the Chinese UIs break free. David, Laurie, and Chonda escape and Chonda criticizes Laurie . She says she is close to the end and decides to go public and warn the masses. Chonda attacks and David defends her. David threatens to send out the message if Chonda destroys Laurie and Chonda leaves. Shortly after, Chonda hacks into a missile system and destroys Laurie’s servers.

Saving Sacramento[]

A week after Laurie’s second death, he and Maddie are playing chess and discussing the small protest Cody formed in Palo Alto, citing a conspiracy theory he taught her. Maddie realizes her father knows how long he has, just over two years if he stays as he is or a decade to a decade and a half if he goes back to emojis. When Maddie asks if she is the only thing keeping her father around, they get a call from Chonda. Chonda reveals he will have the Indian Navy launch a nuclear warhead which he hacked to target Sacramento. Chonda reveals David backed up Laurie’s message and gives him ten minutes to come to him or he attacks Sacramento. David reveals he snuck into Laurie’s server when Cody used his and says Laurie wrote a hack to broadcast her message on every device on the planet. David says he copied to as he agrees with her to some extent. When Maddie insists he fight, David insists her safety is his primary priority and he must give in to Chonda's demands. However, Maddie believes if he does not fight, Chonda will try something like this again.

He meets up with Chonda two minutes before the deadline and David asks if he would have destroyed a city to get to him. When Chonda says if things were different he would take him out for the sake of others. David attacks and Chonda makes his way to his contract consul to launch the missile. The fighting escalates and when David gets the upper hand, Chonda locks him in a hallucination of him and Maddie playing Reign of Winter just as his daughter logs in. As he is distracted, Chonda sends out false intelligence that Delhi has just been nuked and they fire a retaliatory strike , unaware that it is heading for Sacramento. Maddie tries desperately to free her father and succeeds in getting through to him. David gets Chonda away from the controls as the military picks up the nuke. When Chonda is pinned, the Chinese UIs join in and take out Maddie’s avatar. As Chonda questions why David sacrificed his home and family, David reveals he duplicated himself and is changing the coordinates, sending the nuke to the Pacific Ocean. A small fishing vessel whitenesses the explosion. Ping and the other Chinese UIs reach David and gang up on him. Maddie logs back on and is quickly restrained. As David is overpowered, Maddie encourages him to send Laurie’s message. He does so and Maddie watches as her father die as the message is broadcast.

Unbeknownst to his family, Logorhythms kept a backup of his upload and uses it to perfect the cure.


David is a man in his mid-forties of Korean descent with black hair and dark eyes. He wears glasses.

After uploading, David wore a red sweater over a white button down shirt, khakis, and black shoes.


David is a caring and courageous man.


Maddie Kim[]

David is close to his daughter. The two have grown close over their shared love of technology. Upon seeing a picture of her on Ellen in his cage, David was able to realize what he was and contact Maddie. After finding that she was being bullied, David turned his daughter’s tormentors against one another in a single day. After being freed from Logorhythms, David and Maddie would play Reign of Winter as often as they could.

When Laurie confronted him about implementing a flaw in her, David used a memory of Maddie to give him the strength to fight back. Upon learning he had the flaw as well, David decided to stay for his daughter’s sake to watch her grow up. When Chanda was threatening to have a nuclear warhead fired at Sacramento, David fought tooth and nail to save his family.

Ellen Kim[]

David loves his wife dearly and, upon learning of his illness, chose to upload to continue being with them. After being freed from Logorhythms, David was frustrated with his wife’s unwillingness to speak with him. After he ended her relationship with Gabe, Ellen finally spoke with him. The two discussed how they truly felt about each other now and decided to remain friends.

Peter Waxman[]

Having met in college, David and Waxman were very close in his life. Waxman was the one to convince David to work for Logorhythms. Upon learning of David’s illness, Waxman convinced David to try to become a subject in the company’s UI experiments. After being freed from Logorhythms, David did not want to speak with Waxman.

Laurie Lowell[]

At first, Laurie assumed David designed her to die after a certain amount of time and freed him solely to demand a cure to the flaw. After learning he was not responsible for creating the flaw, David and Laurie decided to team up to search for a potential cure. When the pair learned of Chanda, they reluctantly agreed to work with him for the sake of finding a cure. After Chanda attacked Laurie in frustration, David shielded her. After Laurie’s second death, David kept her message on UIs, feeling she had a point in her goals.

Vinod Chanda[]

At first, David saw Chanda as a potential ally, however as time went on he saw how unstable Chanda was. Despite this, he was willing to work with Chanda if need be. After Chanda threatened to nuke Sacramento, David fought Chanda for the sake of his family and the other residents, seeing Chanda as a greater threat then he previously thought.


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