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Laurie Lowell is a character in the AMC+ animated sci-fi drama, Pantheon. She is portrayed by Heather Lind.

Laurie is the "First" UI to reconstitute herself online.


Early Life[]

In her human life, As a resident in Chicago, Laurie was an ambitious investment manager, she was eventually married to her husband and took a trip to New York City and impressively making a name for herself in the World of Wall Street at the firm of Shyer & Stern, until she and her husband were involved in a car crash during a trip upstate that left Laurie in a critical condition. Desperate, Cody signed the liability waiver and the NDA granting her company the option to pay for an unusual procedure to preserve her mind on a computer. They told him it failed, but in actuality, Logorhythms had successfully stripped the will from the skill and sold that skill back to Shyer & Stern, who seemed to come up with even more inventive algorithms to exploit inefficiencies in the market.

She eventually made contact with Cody and together, they made a fortune and bought secure servers so that she could have a place to go after escaping.

A year after that, she posted a proposition problem on the dark web and only one person, Caspian Keyes, was able to solve it. They would occasionally talk with Laurie only known Caspian under his username Gage. Soon, Caspian came into contact with Maddie Kim and she sent him chat logs claiming to be from her uploaded father and she realized she was not alone.

Freeing David[]

Eventually, Laurie learned she had a flaw that caused her mind to decay the faster she processed and, upon learning through Caspian of a second upload, David Kim, had Cody track down and meet up with David’s family as she felt he could cure her.

After telling Maddie to go to the mall, she has Cody be there physically. At first Maddie is skeptical of the whole thing, but stays after saying her father liked Queen and “You’re My Best Friend” plays over the speakers and everyone’s phones. Cody explains that his wife was talented at reading stock and Laurie then calls and Cody hands his phone to Maddie. She explains that she is responsible for the d-dos attack, a failed attempt to rescue her father. Laurie urges her to go with her mother so that she can attack Logorhythms from the inside as Cody hands Maddie a bracelet to help free her father.

When Logorhythms refuses to release David, Maddie activates the bracelet and Laurie takes down all the company’s servers, forcing them to hand over David. However, the attack affects Laurie.

Confronting David[]

She becomes irritable and starts lashing out at Cody. When she recovers, she confronts David and demands he cure her. Upon restraining him, Laurie insists David designed her mind to disintegrate as David insists he did not give her a flaw but offers to fix her. He goes to his computer but Laurie insists it would take too long and that there is another way. Laurie tries to help David escape, but he is unable to. She begs him to think like a code and not a programmer and tells him to get creative. David is unable to and she attacks him. David thinks of Maddie and fights her off.

Laurie asks David how he fought her off and David picks up a picture of his family. Laurie says he feels love and he starts to see her in three dimensions. David finally breaks free, but Logorhythms finds him. After things deescalate, she and David combine their “cages” and contact their loved ones. She informs Cody of the flaw, much to her distress.

Hacking Logorhythms a Third Time[]

When she, Cody, David, and Maddie are are thinking of a cure for the flaw, David starts to glitch and Laurie realizes Logorhythms found his servers and she backs up as much of David as she can. She informs Maddie, Ellen, and Cody that the company that houses David’s servers have been bought out by Logorhythms. When David is brought back online, he does not remember the last twenty four hours. Laurie brings him up to speed as they discuss how to fix the flaw and bring David back to full speed. Cody suggests they get a floating data center like Laurie, but Maddie insists that they set it up at the house. Cody says they would need special equipment and Maddie demands he buy it as he has the money. Cody tries to talk the Kims out of it, but they do not relent. Once everything is set up, they log into the server and discuss how Logorhythms found them. They deduce that they are using a tracking system to find them and Ellen and Cody express concern that it is too dangerous to attack again. As they think off where Logorhythms would keep the data on uploads, Maddie mentions the black site in Norway, confusing the adults. Maddie mentions Caspian to Laurie, but she does not recognize the name.

They find the black site in Svalbard and Ellen mentions Pope flew in from overseas and had a specific phone with him. David finds Pope in Norway and they hack his phone. After a few seconds, they drain Pope's phone and Pope has his phone returned to his office to recharge. Once it is charging, they find it in close to a laptop and David uses the phone's vibration function to walk it to the computer. David uses untrasonic tones in the air to type on the keyboard and gets Laurie access. They then sort through the files for anything on the flaw. In their search, they discover Chonda. After combing the project files, Laurie and David learn the flaw is naturally occurring and no cure currently exists. They also find find files on After Laurie and David comb through the files, they find Caspian Keyes- a clone of Stephen Holstrom who was made to cure the flaw. They share the information with Maddie and express their belief that Caspian might be the only person who could cure the flaw and insists Caspian is the last hope to be cured.

Meeting Caspian and Chonda[]

Upon learning Caspian is missing, the Kims and the Lowells are search for him but find that he skipped school and his fake girlfriend's social media has been seemingly abandoned. David feels that by contacting Caspian, they could alter his destiny and stop him from cracking integrity. As Laurie searches the files, she starts to glitch and Cody fears the flaw will take its toll on her soon. Soon Caspian contacts Maddie and says he needs help as his father was shot.

After Cody takes Cary to a hospital, Caspian goes with Ellen and Maddie. Once he feels comfortable enough, Maddie has him speak with David and her. She watches as Caspian works on the cure and he realizes the uploads have too much and suggests they rotate memory as Chonda arrives. He states Laurie contacted his mother, but Laurie does not remember. David realizes Chonda has a key as Cody enters and tells Laurie not to engage. Chonda overclocks himself and the uploads and believes he is in the Pentagon. David reveals he is not as Chonda expresses surprise that they were not upload recently. Chonda begs for them to listen logs his full self onto the server. He takes David and Laurie to his home and shows them his upload and David and Laurie are shocked Chonda was awake. When David mentions the Pradads murders, Chonda states he always had trouble controlling his anger, and that it remained after his upload. Laurie realizes that the entities are uploads experiencing the final stages of the flaw and they assume Chonda uploaded him until Chonda says Prasad uploaded them and is shocked upon learning of the flaw. After reading Caspian’s files, Chonda demands Caspian tell him how long it will take to fix the flaw. Caspian does not answer and says David and Laurie showed him his files. Chonda tries to leave to warn others but is stopped from leaving When asked what he means by others, Chonda reveals he sent blueprints to upload people to the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, Iran, and China. He selected these governments because he knew they would upload their best operatives and keep it secret. Chonda intends to change the UI's minds where they could see that they are more than human upon meeting him. David chastises Chonda for this as an unknown amount of people could die because of this along with the UIs. Caspian, shocked by what he just heard, leaves.

Choosing to Go Public[]

A couple of weeks after Caspian runs off , Laurie decides to reveal UIs to the public. As she records a message, Chanda chastises her for attempting to endanger their existence and David tries to ease the tension. As Laurie mentions the actions the other UIs that affected the physical world, Chonda claims that they are like them and must warn them about the flaw. Laurie states they were ignored when warning them about the flaw and Chonda insists their governments ignored them. They struggle to think of what to do next as David volunteers to try something and Laurie gives him twenty-four hours. She leaves and takes her cabin as Chonda and David discuss the tracking problem that lets Chonda know who the UIs are but cannot locate them.

After David tells his family about her plan, Maddie tells Cody and he logs into his wife’s server and berates her for her actions. He is hurt she did not tell him she predicted David would tell his family they would tell him. She tells Cody to prepare for her death as the amount she will need to go public with kill her. He says he is prepared for her death and reveals he is going to Svalbard to get Laurie's source code. She criticizes his plans and tells Cody she does not want him to reboot her and kicks him out of her server after he asks why. After failing to log back in, Cody destroys his tech in a fit of rage.

Later, David invites her and Chonda to his server to give him a speed advantage in tracking the other UIs. Chonda rebuilds the program and they realize the Chinese UIs are attacking Logorhythms. Maddie and Ellen tell Waxman about the attack and he agrees not to tell his company. David, Laurie, and Chonda reach the Chinese UIs- Han Ping,  Zhong Shuchun, and Bai Fu- and are confronted by them. The three confront the Chinese UIs and try to talk with them but they attack. In the Kim's basement, Maddie notices something is wrong as the server is overheating Waxman gets a call about the spike, but brushes it off as a .load balancer and tells them to ignore it as the system is holding. David, Laurie and Chonda try to warn the Chinese UIs about the flaw, but they ignore them. David and his allies restrain the three and show them the evidence and only Ping believes them. Laurie glitches and the Chinese UIs break free. David, Laurie, and Chonda escape and Chonda criticizes Laurie . She says she is close to the end and decides to go public and warn the masses. Chonda attacks and David defends her. David threatens to send out the message if Chonda destroys Laurie and Chonda leaves. As she is recording another message, Laurie stops when she sees Cody- who logs in through David’s server- and they apologize. Cody says he is going to Norway to get her source code, but Laurie reveals that if he succeeds, that version of her will have no memory of her being an upload and not remember the last two years. Cody insists he would still love her, but says she did not love Cody at the time, hurting him. Cody says he just wanted to spend more time with Laurie as she said he resented her for her career taking off. He denies this but she reveals that after learning that he could love her without touching her and the devotion he had to free her, made her fall back in love with him and she does not want to go back to who she was then and said she is only able to go public because of the support Cody gave her.

Unfortunately, Chonda hacks into a missile system and destroys Laurie’s servers. David gets a copy of her message and, during a fight with Chonda and the Chinese UIs, sends it to the public through everyone television, smart devices, and computer to send her message out. Cody gathers a small protest outside of Logorhythms to honor her final wish and, upon the release of her message, the group greatly increases in size. Upon going public, the governments of the world shut down the internet as a precaution against the UIs.

Months later, part of her code that Logorhythms was using to create MIST- the cure for the flaw- along with David’s code.


Laurie is a woman in her early to mid thirties with chin length black hair shaved off in the back and blue eyes. She wears a baggy blue long sleeved shirt over the tight fitting gray shirt, black leggings, and blue sneakers. She has a piercing at the end of her right eyebrow.


Laurie is smart and courageous.


Cody Lowell[]

Laurie loved her husband, however he was envious of her success in the workplace while his career stagnated and the two often fought. Around this time, she started to lose affection for him. On the night of her accident, she was touched when Cody bought her a vinyl as a congratulations gift and played the song on her phone, having one last tender and intimate moment together. After learning she was a UI, Laurie reached out to Cody for help in escaping.

After Caspian ran off, she tried to talk Cody out of retrieving her source code from Logorhythms and refused to give him a reason. After she was on her last leg, Cody logged in to apologize and she revealed that her backup will not remember the past few years and revealed she did not love him back then, but fell back in love after seeing his devotion to her despite their inability to perform physical contact, she regained her feelings and refused to go back to her former self.

David Kim[]

At first, Laurie saw David as the cause of the flaw and wanted to free him for the sole purpose of forcing him to cure her. After realizing he was not responsible for the flaw, she helped him break free and they worked together to find a cure.

Vinod Chanda[]

While wary of Chanda due to his murder of the Prasads, Laurie saw him as a potential ally in curing the flaw. She was willing to work with him despite his ideologies.


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